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CHBC is pledged to provide a conducive learning and safe educational environment. Through the implementation of the mission, vision and core values, we continuously pursuit to gain knowledge, personal excellence and success for all students and eventually employed to all areas in the medical and business profession.

To accomplish our mission and vision, we believe that all students must commit to excellence in support of student learning. As part of the new and recent school improvement process, we’ve made changes to our commitments that we feel are more specific and supportive to our mission and vision. This process was done in collaboration with staff members and students in line with the guidelines set by the Alberta Advanced Education.

These collective commitments will continue to serve as a guide to the actions and support of staff and students undertake at Canadian Health and Business College to ensure high levels of quality learning for all students.

The information provided and the regulations and policies articulated in The International Student Handbook are not intended to be all-inclusive and do not constitute a contract. CHBC reserves the right at any time to add to, modify, or revoke any of its regulations and policies, including those in the handbook, without notice.

The Board of Directors warmly welcomes you to the Canadian Health and Business College. We are so excited about this opportunity to get to know you and we are looking forward to a happy and productive academic year. Our main goal is to help you with the best learning knowledge empowered with the greatest achievement and success in your chosen career.

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